Formed in 2006, Sardis set out to offer the current music scene something a little different. By early 2008, Sardis had a stable line-up of top notch musicians, ready to bring their own brand of Heavy Metal to the masses.

In 2010, they released a demo cassette tape with two songs taken from the upcoming album ESCAPE. After getting the coming album's material together, they recorded the fan favorite "Cries of the Dead" as an early single, and released it digitally in 2013.

With support from their local fanbase, they successfully crowdfunded their full-length debut ESCAPE and released it independently in 2014.

A year later, Sardis released the cassette tape REEL LIVE METAL, featuring the new single "Satisfied," along with a live recording of their debut CD release show.

Sardis' latest release is the Viral EP, showcasign 5 new tracks sure to resonate with old fans and new.

Sardis is currently playing shows in the midwest area and leaving a lasting impression on their audience.

“Escape, the spring of 2014 full-length debut from Joplin, Missouri based Sardis, succeeds where other self-financed and independently released projects failed: Production comes across crisp and clean with no muddy elements; musicianship is ably done in that all Sardis members are strong performers; and well thought out and consistent songwriting yields no skip buttons or filler tracks. Sardis, in other words, delivers the type of total package one normally associates with label based releases from veteran acts with several albums already under their belts.”
- Andrew Rockwell, Angelic Warlord (Apr 20, 2014)

"... this is perhaps the best new band I have heard playing this classic ‘80s-style metal. To be fair, however, to call Sardis a classic metal band is really selling them short. The crunchy hooks are infused with a technical—almost progressive—element through the use of changing and unconventional time signatures, polyrhythmic sections, extended song-lengths, and the overlaying of the metal instrumentations with acoustic guitar and piano."
- Eric Strother, Untombed (Oct 06, 2014)

​"The choruses are anything but traditional, yet undeniably catchy. The riffs are tighter than ever and have a distinct mixture of “influences”—ranging from obvious ones like Megadeth and early Metallica to more obscure, like Artillery, and even a hint of Voivod/Obliveon at times—in them. Favorite track: Black Snake."

-Currer Bell-Eyre (Dec 2019)